Gheenoe classic w/ 25 merc

Discussion in 'Prop Shop' started by Jmahnk, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Jmahnk

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    Gheenoe classic with '04 25hp mercury 2 stroke, I hit 32mph with the stock prop (13p), Thinking of going with a 4 blade power tech, what pitch would be best? No jackplate (yet) looking for a little faster hole shot and to run a little skinnier!
    Thanks for any help!
  2. HaMm3r

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    I haven't been impressed with the PT SRA4R13 I have on my LT25 with a 25 Merc. I've sent it back to PT twice already for rework because it's slow (even for a 4-blade) and it slipped way too much.

    You should probably get a tach and find out how many RPMs you're running with the prop you have before buying another.

  3. noeettica

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    Leave it alone !

    you can run skinnier

    You can get a better Hole shot

    But you will not likely go much faster

    But that being said if you would be happy with 26-28 mph the powertech will give better "Hole Shot"
  4. Jmahnk

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    Thanks for the replies
    I do need to get a tiny tach and see exactly how many R's I'm turning, but it pretty much feels like im getting everything I can get outta that motor. I'm very happy with it so I think I'll leave it alone for now!
  5. fishinjeff

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    My 25 classic with a stock prop only ran 28mph. Leave it alone. You will only loose top end from here.
  6. RTS

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    Like others have said, leave it alone.

    Unless you are on a jack plate or planning on doing so, stick with the SRA3R13.  IMHO, the 4 blade will just be slower.

    If you end up on a jack plate, then an SRA4R12 with additional cup.  If you order this, you bought it, no returns.

    While I'm an advocate of a tach, done so many of these you will only confirm what many of us already know and IMHO the funds could be put to better use. ;)

    32mph on a classic with a 25 2 smoke merc is dead nuts on. ;)

    Expect about 29/31 mph same motor on an LT25

    I was only getting 34mph on my LT25 with a 40 Yammi but it was waaaay under propped.  Awesome hole shot and would cruise as slow as 12 mph.  Cracked just over 1/2 throttle I was at mid 20's plus and 14mpg :cool: