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I try not to dis people on the forum but the best that I can say about this ebay listing is that its a lesson in what you might want to avoid doing to a Gheenoe or when going to buying one.

1. I seriously doubt it does 45 MPH.
2. Jack plate has damage but works as is? At 45 MPH?
3. Longshaft motor......
4. What is with the rear splash guard?
5. Homemade gas petal bolted to floor?
6. Creative poling platform. Is that the bottom half of someones lawn furniture?
7. Oversized hand-me-down trailer.

To the owner, I am sorry for posting this but this was an extreeme case.

2000 15'6" Gheenoe Classic w/ 1995 25 HP Johnson E/S

2000 15'6" GHEENOE CLASSIC W/ 1995 25HP JOHNSON OUTBOARD AND TRAILER, Electric start, Stick steering, 34lb thrust trolling motor, Humminbird depth finder, Aerated livewell, Dry storage, 2 fishing seats, Foot throttle.

Boat runs fast 45+. As shown in picture the jack plate has damage will work as is, But could be repaired or replaced. This boat goes where a Bass Boat can't, Also would be good for Flats Fishing.


Without doubt, that IS the furthest motor setback that I've ever seen!! :). He may start a new trend. And I rather like the gas pedal! It's kind of quant!!


That's sooo weird to rig it up, that wanna be jackplate is where u mounted your motor on the sailboat ro raise up and down. Poling platform is not a bad way to do it, I like it. Hotfoot is just bland dumb ******* job mount on the floor? Other than that, nice custom BLUE ******* gheenoe!
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