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new to the forum. I’m a Vermonter looking for a winter project. I have come across a gheenoe 13’ highside in good shape for $400 Hull only. I currently have a 17’ skeeter, and a ascend 12t kayak but am just looking to get a little more speed from a little boat and move to a more upright fishing platform

It will mostly be a 1-2 person bass/trout freshwater boat for goin anywhere I want. Not into doing things half a$$ so it will be a complete build for what I need.

Mostly looking for input, any advise or any other direction to look into. I want to stay as skinny as possible but get some speed out of it as well.

Motor would be a new Yamaha 6 or 8 hp 4stroke. Trying to stay quiet and efficient.

What has everyone seen from similar setups mph wise and how stable can I plan on it being.

In the research I have done, my current idea is to remove the center bench. Convert front seat to platform/ storage for fuel and battery, level center section of floor, add sea decking and a custom mahogany stand bar where the bench used to be.

Give me ideas or advise please.

Thank you, and tight lines.
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