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Gheenee 2007

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Gheenee 15'4" 2007. Excellent condition like new. With a Yamaha 8hp 4 stroke motor. Complete ready to with trailer. $ 3,200. Call 305 951-6898.
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The steps to follow can be found here as well as other helpful tidbits.;num=1169007863

2. How do I post pictures?


Before you ask for help make sure you read the help file. Most people will be happy to help you if you are still having problems.
Second, you will need to find a hosting solution for your pictures. is a popular FREE one.
Editing your photos:
- Try and resize your photos to 640x480. This is the best possible size for the forum.
- If you need photo editing software there are two good free ones

If you still have problems email teh pictures to me and I will get them posted for you. [email protected]
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