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    I have experience in residential construction sites managing sub contractors, monitoring work, scheduling and coordinating everything, and reporting back to the GC.

    Problem is, this is not a full time gig. I have a college degree, however it has nothing to do with construction unfortunately, and I am having a difficult time finding a job as a foreman/project management without 5 years of experience.

    I truly love what I was doing and I am dead seat on beginning the journey towards general contracting. I just need some advice on the path necessary to become a full time foreman or project manager, as it has been hard to get my foot in the door with a 'foreman or project manager' title.

    I live in South Miami, FL.

    Any leads, professional opinions, or ideas would be well received,

    Thank you,
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    I'm a Sr. PM with a national Builder. Started with little actual construction experience. Start by looking at the major residential builders career sites and I would suggest seeing if they have an assistant construction manager or assistant project manager position open. While they give you the experience you can work on GC license. I'm in Orlando and I get propositioned weekly.

    It's a great career, but also subject to swings in the economy so save, save, save and you will be ok while the other guys fall out because they blew thier cash when times were good. IMHO

    Pm me if you have specific questions or u can send your resume and I will give some insight for what it's worth.

    Good luck