Gelcoat chip, exposed glass

Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by jmrodandgun, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. jmrodandgun

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    Bumped the keel on the only sharp spot on my trailer, took a little chunk out of gelcoat that's deep enough the glass is exposed. Very small chip, smaller a pea.

    Is this something that requires a lot of attention or can I fill it with something I have around the house like Marine Tex or Six10? I'm not overly concerned with pretty, it just needs to be structurally sound and permanent.
  2. pt448

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    I used marinetex on my hull for just what you describe except it wasn't the trailer that did the damage. It's doing fine. It doesn't get a lot of use though so I'm not sure about longevity, but it's sound.

  3. CurtisWright

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    Easy Fix. 

    If its not too big. (size of a quarter of less) just rough it up with sand paper and put gel coat on it.  Wait until it cures and, buff with 60 grit paper and lay a second coat over it.  repeat until you have gelcoat extending above the surface of the existing gel.  Use a small sanding block and 220 Grit to fair to the hull.   Get some 1000 grit for an orbital sander and sand smooth.    then hit it with buffing compound and wax to make it shine.

    Bigger than a Quarter then you need to put a thickening agent into the gel coat called cab-o-sil and apply it with a drywall knife