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Gear Lube for Yamaha 90 2 Stroke

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I guess my question isn't specific to my outboard...but that's what I'm doing the gear lube change on.

I have used Yamaha Gear lube exclusively in my outboard but, the only places that sell the stuff around me are only open while I'm at work. I've been doing some reading online and have heard good things about Starbrite Synthetic, Mobile 1, and Royal Purple and was wondering if some of the experts around here could give me their professional opinion on one of these more easily accessible gear lube options.

Thanks fellas!
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I run into the same issue with Merc high performance...the places around me that carry it are closed before I leave work. I ordered some Starbrite Synthetic from Amazon today. I'm usually all about using manufacturer's products (I use exclusively Yamalube 2 stroke oil) but I'm sure this will be more than adequate.

Thanks for the opinions guys!
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