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    Alligator bites off diver's arm
    Powered by CDNN - CYBER DIVER News Network
    by LUTHER MONROE - CDNN Safety News Editor

    LAKE MOULTRIE, South Carolina (17 Sep 2007) -- A man is in critical condition at Medical University of South Carolina after an alligator bit off his arm while he was diving.

    Local police told CDNN that Bill Hedden, 59, of Summerville, was diving at Lake Moultrie near Short Stay Naval Recreational Park when the alligator attacked.

    Still wearing his diving mask and grasping his shoulder socket to slow the loss of blood, Hedden stumbled into a group of people picnicking at the lake.

    The group, mostly members of the Bicol Assocation of Charleston, of group of Filipino Roman Catholics, included five nurses who responded immediately with primary emergency treatment including ice and improvised bandages to stop the bleeding.

    As the nurses worked to save Hedden, others called paramedics who arrived about 15 minutes later and helped stablize the patient until a helicopter arrived.

    Hedden was airlifted to Medical University of South Carolina where he was listed in critical condition.

    Even before paramedics arrived at the scene, one of the picnickers, Jerome Bien, followed Hedden's blood trail to the shore of the lake where he saw an alligator at the surface holding a man's arm in its jaws.

    Bien reported his find to authorities who called in officers with the Department of Natural Resources.

    They shot the alligator, cut it open, removed Hedden's arm from the reptile's stomach, put it in a picnic cooler filled with ice and rushed it to the hospital with a police escort.

    Bill Salisbury, captain of Berkeley County Rescue Squad, said the arm appeared to be in relatively good condition.

    Hospital officials declined to comment on the specifics but told CDNN doctors have not yet decided whether the arm can be reattached.

    DNR officials said it was the worst attack on record in the state of South Carolina.

    Some 200,000 people visit the park each year.
  2. mygheenoe1

    mygheenoe1 Well-Known Member

    the gators have to eat too .what was that dipshit diving in that lake for

  3. whitesnook

    whitesnook Guest

    HOLY S*&%!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's really gross man!

    Thanks TOM!!! Made me threw up out of my truck!!!!

    I hope this guy doing okay and hope the arm can attached to his part of the body...

    What a idoit!!!!!! Terrorizing the gator's terrority.
  4. deerfly

    deerfly Opinicus iracibilus

    I feel sorry for the guy, but at his age he shoulda' known better, unless of course he's a yankee. :p

    Back when I was kid in S. Fla, late 60's early 70's or so, and a gator approaching the 7' size or there abouts started showing up in the local canals and ponds, it wouldn't be too long before they'd mysteriously disappear. Can't hardly remember ever seeing one over 8' more than once. Could never figure out where they went though, maybe they migrated to those northern lakes...
  5. Garry

    Garry Well-Known Member

    Thats a cool pic.... Sux for the guy.... :-/
  6. Lil_Tate

    Lil_Tate Well-Known Member

    good gawd man,  that sux..
    That Gator looks kinda big, what do u guestimate it is an 8' er maybe a nine? His head looks to be at least 2 feet long.
  7. costefishnt

    costefishnt Cost Efish'nt³

    for some reason i am strangely hungry....i am gonna go get me some food now.
  8. captnron

    captnron Guest

    You may have to give an arm and a leg for it. ;D ;D ;D
  9. deerfly

    deerfly Opinicus iracibilus

    not that I would know anything about it, but I would guess that one at around 10' maybe even 11'. Also the head is a little thin looking too, so I'd also guess it was a young one for its size. I doubt an 8' gator would attack a full grown human either, an 8' gator really isn't very big as far as gators go and would only inflict something on the order of a really bad dog bite. It takes some mass to snatch a human arm out of its socket while under water.
  10. deerfly

    deerfly Opinicus iracibilus

    ok, I should have looked at those links before posting, but based on the picture in the truck bed, I'd say its definitely over 10 and probably closer to either side of 11. Its a little fatter too now that you can see the base of the tail and all. Thats a big lizard, certainly big enough to snatch your arm off in the water or on the ground. :)
  11. costefishnt

    costefishnt Cost Efish'nt³

    just to clarify something here, and please note I do not know everything, but i have plenty of exp with gators.

    do not under any circumstance under estimate the power of an 8', 6' or even a 4' gator. A 4' gator would not be able to rip your arm off, but i guarantee you that you will wish it did. 6-8' gators can, and will rip any part of you off if he so pleases. gators are one of the most effective killing machines on the planet. the so called "Death roll" is not only intended for drowning its prey, but incapacitating and tearing said prey in to nice chunks for easy eating....

    now do not get me wrong, a 6-8' gator is managable should you find yourself battling with a lizard of this size, but lets hope and pray none of us ever are.

    this guy was at the wrong place at the wrong time. it is unfortunate that this happened, but in the gators defense, this was his land way before we showed up. people should be more educated about the areas, and animals in which they inhabit. Its like the shark attacks, people...get a invaded their house! you would do the same to them if they were in your house!!!

    no, i am not a tree hugger, i love to kill animals and eat them, i do not fear aligators, nor sharks, i respect them.....
  12. captnron

    captnron Guest

    IMHO the key to cohabit with all wildlife. ;)
  13. deerfly

    deerfly Opinicus iracibilus

    I certainly don't know all there is to know either, but I've been around gators for a pretty long time myself. Up until about 12 years ago when I sold my airboat I probably spent at least 20 weekends a year hunting, fishing and frogging in the Everglades of S Fl over the course of maybe 25-28 years. I've had many encounters with them running deer dogs and also while duck hunting in waist to chest high water. The point I was trying to make on the 8' gator was because of Lil Tate's guess on that being the size of the one that bit this guy. Unless you're near a nest, corner them somehow or you're trying to subdue one after hitting it with an arrow or harpoon, an 8' gator is not going to attack a grown person.

    I also beg to differ on the 4', 6' or 8' gator tearing your arm off. Child, small animal or feeble adult, yeah, grown adult very unlikely. At 6' they're around 50lbs, at 8' a healthy one in the wild is just breaking 100lbs. So an 8' alligator, while formidable is not that big of an animal. Maybe a little worse than having a 100lb police dog or Rottweiler yanking on your forearm. Are they dangerous? Can they inflict some serious wounds? Hell yes. But you're gonna' to have to pull out all the possible stops there is to being stupid to get one to take you on, let alone rip your arm out of its socket.

    Based on what I can see in the photos the gator that hit this guy was probably on the order of 350-400lbs or so, which is a completely different animal altogether.
  14. costefishnt

    costefishnt Cost Efish'nt³

    i do not disagree with teh size of the gator that did the damge to that gentleman. that was a rather large lizard, especially for SC.

    Also to clarify, I noted that a 4' gator wouldnt rip your arm off, but it would make you wish it had.

    as far as a 6-8' gator being able to rip an arm off, i will disagree, but i will do so politely. Most folks whom are attacked are...well not to saavy on the ways of wild life, much less a 70-100lb gator. i nearly had my arm broken from a 6-7' during a hunt. had i not been so stupid, i would have never been in the situation. the roll is what about got me, and it is what does the damage. once a bone is broke, or a joint pulled from its soket, there is very little to keep the appendage from being ripped off. 70-100lbs can do both depending on the persons size, and shape.

    as far as my incident went, it wasnt legal, we were in a place that guns, bang sticks or any other noise makers would have gotten us caught. after catching the gator on rod and reel and getting it to the shore, in darkness i was in charge of subduing the gator, fence posts do not stop gators when placed inside a gators mouth, not letting go of said fence post leaves very painful bruises and cuts when said gator decides to fight for his life. I do not hunt illeagaly any longer as I aint as stupid as I was back then.

    now, one other part i do agree with you 100%. 99 out of 100 gators will want nothing to do with you EXCEPT when cornered, or near a nest. gators did not live this long by being stupid. another story proving this. I was fishing some fresh water ponds out on cape property a few years back, and one of these ponds you had to walk along some marshy areas in thick brush. making your way slowly through this area was difficult carrying a 7'rod and a beer ;) i was crossing under some very low hanging brush when i came face to face with about an 11' gator (one of the biggest i have seen in this area). now when i say face to face, i mean it we were merely inches from one another. we both looked each other square in the eyes. now i ment what i said, i do not fear aligators, i respect them, but in this situation i screamed OH S#!t!!! the gator said teh same, we both (unbeknownst to me at the time) did 180's and ran for our lives. I ran through the low brush upright, with rod and beer in hand, and I did not stop until i heard the splash from the girl hitting the water. i then removed the dirty underwear and left for another pond.

    anyway, if anything comes from our conversation, i hope that someone else learns to respect the animals in which we stole their land from. always be aware of your surroundings, and be very mindful when the little ones, or pets are in tow! teach your kids the right thing as well.
  15. deerfly

    deerfly Opinicus iracibilus

    I think we have a lot of similar past experiences, lets just agree they are no fun to have attached to you in any way and everyone should avoid close encounters of any kind with them. ;)
  16. Skiny_water_sniper

    Skiny_water_sniper Well-Known Member

    Size does not always matter with reptiles. Earlier this spring I was walking around my driveway barefooted talking to my sister. Something bumped my foot after I took a step in its way. I looked down and picked a newly hatched king snake by the tail, having never seen a coral snake in the wild before that moment when I told my sister the difference was if the red and yellow bands touch...

    The little snake that weighed less than two ounces, scared me more than any of the gator surprises I have ever had.

    Thats after my best friend an I being sheep hooked and dragged up from six feet down by coasties to be shown how close we were to a grumpy a 11'+ gator (30' away if ya gotta know).

    Both stupidity on my part, the end result would have been the same. My reaction to seeing the gator: "Shit!"

    My reaction to the little snake involved tossing the poor critter in the air, screaming and running like a girl and maybe other things I wouldn't admit to anyway.

    I will just do my best to avoid unfriendly reptiles.
  17. Lil_Tate

    Lil_Tate Well-Known Member

    I was judging the size of the Gator by the size of its head in the pic where it is holding the arm.. The other pictures show that this was no 8' gator.  This is a bigun'.  he was the "not to mess with even a little bit" size and I would steer clear of him/ her.  
    That thing look like it's pushin' 400lbs.
  18. mygheenoe1

    mygheenoe1 Well-Known Member

    just like you are pushing 400 lbs
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