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    I'm replacing the water pump on an '84 6Hp johnson. Got the impeller, etc off, and ready to put everything back together. I just realized I don't have the "OMC Gasket Sealing Compound" they're calling for. It's the weekend, the only parts store that might have it is closed. I called a car parts place and they have a large variety of gasket sealants. The problem is, I don't know if I'm looking for hardening or nonhardening, and whether or not there are car products will work at all for this application. Thanks for any advice. I'd do a search first, but my wife is on the computer all day doing work and I didn't think she'd appreciate having to stop so I could look up boat stuff. So this is from my crackberry
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    Specs middle of page so you can find an alternative

    permatex makes aviation gasket sealing compound

    mercury marine has perfect seal

    and there is also Loctite Aviation Gasket Sealant

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    Damn. Thanks Brett! Is your middle name "google"?
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