Gas Vent Issues

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by restlesswoodie, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. restlesswoodie

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    I have noticed my 18 gallon gas tank has been having the sides "suck" in as the gas is being used. I am going to replace the hose and gas vent on the side of the boat, any other options for this? Also, my motor has been cutting out at full throttle which I am assuming this may be a result of the gas not getting to the motor fast enough.
  2. Dillusion

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    Yeah that vent needs to be working for the vacuum to flow properly.

  3. Capt Dan Medina

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    def a venting issue.... make sure the vent line is not blocked, be it by gas in the vent line, or something like a mud wasp making his home.... hose could also be breaking down and collapsing on itself. is your vent line above your fuel fill? post a pic of the layout of fill and vent lines
  4. Creek Runner

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    Be careful running the boat like, drawing to much vacuum can cause a major mechanical failure.

    Your in the right track though, start from the tank vent and work back to the motor until its fixed.