Gas tank for a rebuild

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    Hello everyone,

    So far I have greatly benefited from all of your help. I am at that stage where I have to contemplate a gas tank. The tank is going into the bow underneath the fore deck. It is being sealed of in a bulkhead. I only example I have is from my 20ft Proline. A red above the deck gas tank is cheaper, but is it safer. I found a triangular above the deck tank I could install below deck. I just have to figure out how to ventilate, to fuel I would install a deck cap and just unscrew it to fuel. To vent I could buy a pair a ventilation ports (one for each side).

    If a below the deck tank is unacceptable where can I find a 6 to 12 gallon below the deck (preferably triangular).

    Again, thanks in advance!
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    Can you post a picture of the area it will sit in, and does it have to be sealed off in a bulkhead as part of the design?