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    I got a Garmin 441s for Christmas and just ordered/received a BlueChart g2 Vision card for the NC coast US007R. I am playing around with it and I think I am doing something wrong because the satellite image overlay is really pixellated and not great quality. Its ok at medium zoom levels but if I zoom in close to look at sand bars and marshes, it sucks. Even the click on pictures aren't all that great.

    I have tried changing the settings to land only and tried changing the opacity slider but it doesn't help. I also downloaded a copy of Homeport and the pictures look great when you expand them however it appears you can't view the satellite overlay in Homeport.

    Am I doing something wrong? Some setting that I haven't found yet? Is Homeport supposed to support the satellite overlay?

    Everything I have read stated how good this was and that it was a must have for the Garmin, but so far I am really unimpressed. And it was expensive!

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    I just picked up the same unit and am having the same issues with the poor quality satellite images.  If you look around major ports/cities, the satellite images are great, however I do a lot of fishing near small creeks away form these areas and the satellite images are terrible. 

    Have you found anything that would help make this better? I am tempted to return my unit to get something different.


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    The best thing I have found for showing creeks, sand bars, etc is the GPS Kit app for my iPhone. If only I could see it in sunlight conditions....
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    I have a Garmin 421 with G2 vision card. No, Homeport does not display the satellite imagery on the card  [smiley=devil10.gif]. However, if you select something in Homeport (route, waypoint, track, etc.) and go to 'tools' at the bottom there is a button called "view selected items in Google Earth". Pressing this will automatically open Google Earth and import your stuff in. Now practice jumping back and forth between the 2 programs because that's pretty much all you can do. I had no idea Garmin was this deficient in the software department. The GPS unit itself is bulletproof except for the stupid little door for the SD which broke on mine, i have one molded plastic "stub" hinge left. It's more of a cap now. Don't worry, eventually you will develop a convoluted workflow that will work for you.
    The "unimpressed" feeling you have is very real.