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Garmin 94sv

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I saw the Garmin’s are on sale and I was looking at a 94 because of screen size and touch screen. I was told that the transducer would be too strong for me because I fish shallow(5’ to 30’) It was suggested that I drop back to a 93sv and buy the charts (because they only come with lake view) for my area because the transducer is not as strong and I would get a better image. I am in rivers and back creeks of Savannah, Ga.
This would add about $200 to the price over the 94.
Has anyone heard of this?
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I have the echomap 94sv and I got it on sale at westmarine. Original price about $1000. Sale was 750. I got a port supply account at my job so I got it for $550.
Any way make sure you get the 2 yr warranty if you buy from westmarine. I fried my quick release bracket driving through rain without having the rubber boot over the plug. $50 and westmarine gave me the newest current model of the 94sv. I use it in shallow water and feel it works just fine. Love the fact its touch screen and buttons with option of disabling the touchscreen. Let me know if you want any more info...
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