Garmin 541s water damage

Discussion in 'Power it up with Electronics' started by bw510, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. bw510

    bw510 I Love!

    Has anyone had repair work done on their garmin
    I took mine apart and there is definitely water in the unit and It's completely dead
    Was curious if it was worth sending in and how their Costomer service was on repairs
    I bought it used for 300$ and don't want to spend more than what I could buy another used one for
  2. cutrunner

    cutrunner Cert. Yamaha technician

    I know its easy to say because its not my money but i would buy a new unit. Every unit i ever sent to garmin was $350 or more to fix, if they could fix it. Black friday is slowly approaching

  3. Snookdaddy

    Snookdaddy Well-Known Member

    I agree with Cut, but I would box it up and ship it back to Garmin with a note explaining the problem. USPS "flat rate" medium box is $14 and change. You never know...

    Garmin may replace the unit for you.. It never hurts to try, especially when you only have to spend a few dollars to find out.
  4. cutrunner

    cutrunner Cert. Yamaha technician

    Thats the problem, if they open it up and look at it and determine its unfixable, your still going to get a bill for the labor..
    and now you got more $ into a bad unit..
    if it was a software problem or just a button that was bad then yea, have em fix it but water damage is usually instant death
  5. bw510

    bw510 I Love!

    Thanks guys
    Yeah maybe I'll wait
    I found some refurbished ones under 400$ Has anyone had any issues with these ?
  6. timemachine

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    A little off topic, but I picked up a Lowrance "gold" gps-sounder this summer, and it seems to me about as good as the garmin unit I bought a few years ago for about twice the money.
  7. bw510

    bw510 I Love!

    If I didn't have wires and brackets mounted in both boats to use one unit I'd consider too cheap to buy new stuff and to lazy to relearn how to use another model lol
  8. GSSF

    GSSF I love my microskiff

    I have bought a garmin refurb unit and it's been great. Saved a lot of money and came with a warranty. Hard to beat.
  9. jmrodandgun

    jmrodandgun Well-Known Member

    Don't throw it away! I have one that hopped out its mount and got beat to death. If you're willing to part with it I might be willing to buy it, I have been looking for a parts unit. Depending on how much water damage it took it very well may have working power/data connections, I'm having a hard time sourcing those generic parts. The case and all the board mounting hardware are salvageable.