FYI -- Home delivery of propane is a racket

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Strike_III, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Strike_III

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    Over the years I've been doing battle with the Propane companies who delivery to our tank at our house. We use propane in our hot water heater, cooktop and oven and use approximately 300 gallons per year. Well we've caught on to the "game". In our area of town (the beach) the propane companies always overcharge horribly....maybe it's because we live in the 32082 zip code and must think everyone here has money. Well for the last 7 or so years we always call to complain about the price once we get the invoice. Usually we get invoiced for about $4.50 per gallon...we then call and complain and the propane company quickly lowers the price to around $3.00 per gallon thus saving quite a bit of money. Well we had a delivery today of 146.9 gallons @ $6.398 per gallon which comes out to $939.87  :eek:  Needless to say I was not happy. I immediately call the propane company and they said "Oh, that is a mistake, it should be $4.40 per gallon". I then asked the kind lady to get with her supervisor and have him call me back with a "real world" price per gallon. This afternoon the kind lady calls back and says her supervisor has authorized a $2.49 per gallon rate. Wow, we saved $572.91 with a phone call.

    Please be aware of this is a racket and not with just one propane company as I have dealt with 3 different companies doing the same. Also, if anyone knows of an "honest" propane company please let me know who it is. Thanks.
  2. Brett

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    Prices are posted on line for a quick comparison

  3. Canoeman

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    There must be a governmental agency that regulates propane companies (they regulate everything else including fingernail painters). Maybe an audit should be in their future.
  4. Strike_III

    Strike_III Well-Known Member

    Yep...that's one of the tools I use to battle these companies along with quotes from other local companies.
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