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    Saturday, I took the Panga out to the upper Wacissa and swam in "big blue." A bunch of friends from work came out in their yaks and we had quite the flotilla.

    Sunday, I borrowed another friend's canoe and met with some of the same folks from work and paddled from Goose Pasture on the lower Wacissa to Nutall Rise on the Aucilla via the Slave Canal.

    It was one of the best trips ever. We were "volunteering" for FWC and the SRWMD taking notes and marking waypoints along the trek. Making sure their signs were still there and verifying coordinates for them.

    Just wanted to let you know how good life is here in the big bend. :cool:
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    Ha I have no idea where you are talking about! But it sure sounds like a good time. ;D Any pictures from the journey?

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    That sounds awesome! Big Blue is not the sink at the head of the Wacissa is it? I believe it's the one just off the main channel further down...

    Used to swim at the spring at the mouth of the river but the last few times my dad and I had fished the river the swimming area was choked off with weeds. An awesome pretty river though, and I've always wanted to explore the slave canal. Recreation and history intertwined like that is neat.
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    boggob Beer me.

    They treated the aquifer with pesticide a couple of months ago so the weeds have been pushed down a bit. The summer boat traffic helps too. When I went early in the spring, it was really choked.

    The diving board at the landing has been removed but there is a rope swing. Big Blue is the one down the river about a mile or so on the left at the cypress. It now has a rope swing again. My personal favorite there is when heading back, about half way to the landing on the left there is a little cove that looks like a campsite. The locals call it swiss cheese. I also like the big crack in the ground the runs 20 feet or so in front of the cypress, in front of the private launch, slightly upriver from the public one.

    The slave canal was eerily amazing. I've never personally found any, but there are also lots of Indian artifacts in that area.