Fuel/water separator needed?

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by 8loco, Aug 13, 2013.

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    I'm re doing my fuel system as I seem to keep having issues with it. I'm going to a portable/removable fuel tank as I keep picking up debri and water in the tank. I run a 40 yami, is it necessary tu run a seperator if I am going to remove the tank at the end of the day and store it in my garage. Just trying to simplify the setup. Thanks.
  2. Brett

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    I've run quite a few outboards with portable tanks and no separators.
    However, I have a gas station I can trust to provide me with quality fuel,
    I keep my boat stored inside the garage and I kept the fuel tank under a deck
    or baffled to prevent water ending up atop the tank or vent so as to prevent
    water intrusion into the system. Easy to make a baffle and it will keep
    your fuel dry. This one has been tested for several years. No water contamination
    or phase separation, even though I'm using E-10 fuel.

    Fill and Vent Cover

  3. DuckNut

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    As Brett said...debris in the tank is put there from the dirty tank at the station.

    When I used to fill up at one particular station I would have issues every single time and I fell for the additive propaganda. All along it was just a gas station who did not care they were pumping crap into customers tanks.

    Find a station with clean tanks and your issues should end unless the vent gets flooded with water and allows water in the tank.
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    Part of the problem is my boat is parked outside and the rains have been relentless as of late. I could really use the space where the current tank is bolted to the deck, so going to a portable tank works good for me. The bonus is I would be able to take the tank out of the boat at the end of the day and store it in my garage. I have a fuel/water seperator installed on the current setup. I simply want to try and simplify the set up. I rec 90, e-free gas.
  5. Kane_Thorp

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    Put one on. Only 20$ and can save a lot of carb cleanings and extra $ having to be spent.