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I have a Bōte 12' HD Gatorshell paddle board that I am looking to part with. I originally purchased it to fish off of and did for quite some time. It is great for fly fishing off of due to its large size. You can also add different accessories that allow it to become a great shallow water fishing machine! The reason that I am parting with it is that I have purchased my first shallow water skiff (Maverick 18 HPX-V) and no longer find myself taking the paddleboard out as much as I should be.

I am located in Charleston, SC and as such the paddleboard has a few surface scratches and one chip due to oysters and whatnot (I have epoxyed over it as seen in pictures below). The epoxy is watertight so the chip does not allows water to intrude into the board. The appearance of the epoxy never bothered me, but it can be sanded down and painted to look like new if one so chooses to do that.

The paddle board also comes with a set of used Thule SUP Taxi XT roof rack mounts ($280 new), the original uncut carbon fiber paddle ($250 new), the original used fin ($100 new), and a carrying strap ($40). I will also throw in life jackets and garage hanging mounts if desired.

The board itself new cost $1500. I am looking to sell it for $1000 with all of the above-mentioned accessories. I am open to all offers and am willing to travel a reasonable distance to deliver the paddleboard to its new owner.

For anyone interested you can dm here on microskiff or can text me at 843-two-seven-six-9945. Anyone local who wants to see it, I can arrange to meet you somewhere to show you the board.

IMG_6848.jpg IMG_6844 2.jpg IMG_6845 2.jpg IMG_6846.jpg IMG_6849.jpg IMG_6854.jpg IMG_6850.jpg IMG_6853.jpg IMG_6852.jpg IMG_6851.jpg
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