Free one way ticket!

Discussion in 'Microskiffs For Sale' started by iMacattack, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. iMacattack

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    Free one way ticket to Banned-ville.

    Trashing for sale threads will result in immediate and permanent banning. No warnings.

    Capt. Jan
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    Thanks, that was needed.

  3. AfterHours2

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    I agree with this also but to a certain extent. If a forum member personally posts a for sale item then yes, he should be entitled to do so without others trashing his/her post. But, the majority of the recent rants on for sale posts have been from others posting a link that they have found while surfing the net. In most instances, the original owner has no idea Microskiff even exists or is not a member. I'm still not convinced on the idea that someone may get banned for "trashing" a thread to which the owner may or may not even truly exist. Maybe this forum needs a sub topic section such as "Not Mine/Found on CL" to cure the madness. Just bored and thinking out loud here...
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    Bashing members sale posts is understandable, but this outside stuff is fair game!
  5. iMacattack

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    CL or member, it doesn't matter. Trash it and you are gone. I'm tired of the PM and email complaints. Microskiff members typically do a good job of self moderation. Recently with all the HB threads some folks have forgotten how to be good internet citizens. We are not making a new section for CL finds just because some folks don't know how to act with respect.
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    Completely agree no one should "bash" other guys for sale ads.

    That said, providing constructive criticism I think is a different story, and helps prospective buyers learn other opinions other than "oh this boat is amazing, GLWS." While I believe the forum should help sellers, it should also help buyers. For example, say there's a boat for sale that has an engine that was a bad model year with all kinds of issues. Then someone aware of that issue should be allowed to discuss that so that a potential buyer can make an INFORMED purchase.

    When in doubt, don't get your feelings hurt because you receive constructive criticism.

    My closing argument would be this: if you don't want dialogue, constructive criticism (sometimes), and the best information to make informed decisions then go to Boat Trader where people can't comment and leave their opinion.

    After all, this is a blog. If you try and make all your comments professional and informative, you probably can't go wrong.
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    Doesn't work. Once the comments start it becomes a free for all. That's fine in a discussion but not for someone trying to sell something.
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    I have to disagree. This is not a "blog", it's a forum where like-minded people can discuss and (in certain sections), offer items for sale. If somebody thinks (using your example) that they have knowledge of an engine year with issues, then they should feel free to start their own thread about that, but posting such in somebody else's for sale thread is wrong, no matter the reason. No matter how innocently such a topic might be raised, it is destined to spiral downward - Such is the Internet... Of course this is just my opinion, and you're free to feel differently and to post the same.
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