Free fishing seminar

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    Fishing Seminar

    DATE: Thursday - July 22, 2010

    TIME: 7:30PM

    PLACE: B&F Marine

    4001 SW 72 Ave

    Miami, Florida

    TEL: 305-662-2858

    TOPIC: Mangrove/Cubera Snapper

    Our Mangrove/Cubera Snapper Seminar

    will cover:preparation, Tackle,

    and winning Tactics to sucessfully catch

    Mangrove/Cubera Snapper

    SPONSORED BY: B & F Marine, CAPT Laz

    (Florida Keys) State Record Dolphin

    holder, CAPT. Pete Silot, Mar & Pesca

    and free Mojitos sponsored by the Breeze

    served by Bacardi.

    You read correctly, the Barcardi Girls will be there to serve you free mojito drinks as well as appetizers.

    Hope to see