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The Frank Sargeant Show at the State Fairgrounds
in Tampa is Micro-Skiff heaven!
First off Pugar had a BUNCH of BEAUTIFUL Custom
Gheenoes...Great to see Pugar and family on the
West Coast!
Mel and Capt. Ron of Ankona and Skiff Shop fame
had a Beautiful Native Skiff and Ron's Native SUV
on site...Good to talk to the guys!
Kev and ECC had almost the whole ECC line at the
show! I think the only boat missing was the G-Man.
They have a Caimen,Lostman and TWO of the new
Vantage...VERY impressive!
Also saw a bunch of others at the show...Joe and
Carbon Marine along with Wang, Skinny Water
with their cool poles and gigs...Maverick and the
the 17 Micro...Even the new Sundance Flicker 17.
Still time to get there today...


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Ok there were a few others there too ::)

There was some other skiff maker there but it wasn't worth taking any pictures.
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