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For Sale - Yamaha 20hp and CMC Trim and Tilt

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It’s the start of a new year and as such it is time to move on to new things. I’m moving forward with my new build, and it’s almost time to break down the old boat. I’ll be selling the Yamaha 20hp motor along with the TnT unit. It’s been a great motor and always fired up quickly even after sitting a while. It’s been sitting in storage now for the last few moths and I’ll be selling it as soon as I have time to get back to it. I figured I’d list it here first in case anyone could use it.


2008 Yamaha F20ESH (electric start, short shaft, tiller handle) bought in 2009
- About 150 hours on the motor, and 20 since the last oil change and impeller
- Factory charging, 10amps if I’m not mistaken
- Great running condition and always fires up fairly easily
- SE2000 hydrofoil unit installed
- Tilt lever it stiff because I really haven’t used it since I bought the TnT unit
- The lower unit was replaced in 2010 after the cav plate was broken by a car
- Some paint defects
- Some scratches on the skeg and paint worn where I used to use a transom saver
- Pictures below

2010 CMC PT-35 Trim and Tilt
- Works about as good as when I bought it
- Could use a polish, but isn’t bad as is

I live in Lakeland and am willing to water test for serious buyers

I am asking $1400 or best offer for both (outboard and TnT unit)

20191231_162205_resized , on Flickr

20191231_162216_resized , on Flickr

20191231_162225_resized , on Flickr

20191231_162313_resized , on Flickr

20191231_162321_resized , on Flickr

20191231_162350_resized , on Flickr
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It's my old home built skiff called the Plytanic. She's a simple girl, but has done me well. She can use a touch of love, but is still up for a good trip anytime. Runs well and floats in spit.

Here's the build thread, although photobucket is holding the better images hostage.

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Yes I met Craig at the launch this weekend and picked up the motor after a test ride on his boat. So thankful he arranged that as I has some questions and it was great to run the motor and use the TNT while still on the boat Craig is a straight up guy and the motor was exactly as he described. Really was more than pleased with the purchase and nice to know when you buy used that the previous owner was meticulous about the maintenance and upkeep.

The boat is just as great. No matter how he describes it in his post to sell you can be assured it will be better than you imagined. Great skiff and planed out easily with the 20hp. Has a livewell you could take a bath in and would be nice for competition guys who need to cull their catches.

Thanks again Craig!
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