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20D00135-E67C-4EC8-A90A-6BE8F54D5CFD.jpeg CE822C4A-B1C2-4C4A-AFC2-9E9C5B16B7B3.jpeg 6A69A7BD-A631-4938-AE06-CA2C7FA5ED15.jpeg 5C8A3D3A-3352-41AF-B8C8-D95F9E08FBB0.jpeg C07C0C95-F3F4-428B-BC56-7FB96987CA72.jpeg Built on a 9’, 6 weight Sage Method blank, this fly rod is perfect for bass, heavy trout, and saltwater fishing. I modestly claim that the rod is finished out (by me) at least as well as Sage does: light recoil saltwater snakes, modern SIC stripper, Sage blunt nose grip, high quality aluminum reel seat, red wraps that blend beautifully with ruby red blank, bag, and aluminum case. With the right line, the Method feels light and responsive at all distances, and likely casts as far as you can. A Ferrari.... Used about half dozen times and in great shape.

$440 plus $25 shipping.

pay by check or PayPal.

[email protected]


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