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For Sale 15' 4" high side

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'I bought everything new in June 2007
Gheenoe 15'4" high side dark green
Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke with 6 gal. tank,(I have only used 1/2 tank of gas on this rig mabye 3 hours total) never been in salt water
Trailer, never been in water past hubs and never been in salt water
Front and rear folding padded seats, dealer installed
2 paddles
1, 5 lb. mushroom anchor
12' wood dowl push pole
32" tiller extention

I was in helecopter crash in Viet Nam, 1966, causing a compression fracture in my neck and 2 places in my back, dislocated both shoulders, broke my left arm, dislocated my right hip, broke both hands and was shot 3 times. My back just can't take fishing from this boat so I need to let her go.

I got the whole thing from a dealer in Ocala, FL and paid $4700.00,that includes tax and other things dealers charge plus boat, motor, trailer and add ons. I need to satisfy the bank so will take $4000.00.

I would like to show picture but I don't know how to do that.

I live in Salt Springs, FL--65 miles west of Daytona Beach, 30 miles south of Palatka, 40 miles east of Ocala, and about 70 miles north of Orlando.

Phone 1-352-685-1533
FAX 1-352-685-9398
[email protected]
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts