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foam flotation questions

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I've started on replacing the deck (3/8" ply) in the 17 ft Sea Nymph aluminum.

The height (center of the v hull to deck) varies from about 4 inches near the transom to about 12 inches forward. The aluminum ribs are spaced at 12 inches and the current deck support attached to the ribs (every other one) spaced at 24 inches.

flotation foam:
I not sure if I like the idea that the urethane foam will adhere to the hull and deck supports.
Should I ever want to inspect the inside of the hull the foam would be a pain to remove so I'm thinking to line the hull with aluminum foil so it sticks to that and would be easy to remove.
(I don't foresee having to remove the foam but don't see how it could hurt)

Any argument for/against?
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