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Fly Fishing Partner Islamorada

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just moved here to Islamorada and have a flats boat. Just looking to meet some buddies that are into fly fishing to go fishing with. Message me if you’re from the area and wanna fish
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Hey man, I run the events down here at the World Wide Sportsman. We started a fly club last month that meets every other Tuesday. I'm not mind-blowing at it and the group is mostly beginner/intermediate but its fun. I could point you in the right direction and am always down to go out. I've been down here for well over a year and have fished the hell out of these waters from Flamingo to the humps.

The next meeting is Nov. 12 at 6pm in the Zane Gray Lounge. We'll be tying permit flies with our fly-guy Rich Johnson.

To whoever sees this, y'all are welcome to come!
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