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Fly Fishing Bass Guides Palm Beach / Kississimmee?

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I am in the planning stages of late April through Mid May trip across Florida starting at Palm Beach and finishing up near Tampa. I already have my saltwater guides lined up on both coasts, but would not mind doing a couple days of flyfishing first for peacocks in the Palm Beach / Fort Lauderdale area and then for largemouths near Kissimmee / Orlando.

Any recommendations for bass fishing guides who understand and are adept themselves at fly fishing?

Thanks in advance for any and all replies.
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per hull truth:

Butch Moser guides on Lakes Ida and Eden in Delray. He has been the top producing guide there for about 30 years and can put you on the peacocks. 561-732-5996
from me:
I knew him years ago and he is a good guy and basically the "pioneer" of peacock fishing in P.B.
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