Florida Skiff Challenge

Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by George Sawley, Sep 20, 2017.

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    Sorry guys....my 2 latest totally original designs the Lithium skiff and the Piranha Boatworks deep vee as yet unnamed design that are in the plug testing phase by their respective builders are already losers. You see they measure on the hull length at 17’11” each but on overhang they are 18’4”, so are Too big for the micro skiff class of racing skiffs.
    This means that if there was a new category or class of modern up to date new designs then they could pole around with the new Ancona skiff, the Beavertails new designs, the new Explorer skiff, I imagine there are East Capes and many others too that would fit into this new emerging group of longer leaner skiffs skiffs.

    I did notice reading the rules though about this flats skiff challenge.

    Did not say if you were required to have a fixed poling tower on the stern.
    Nothing about carrying a push pole, 6 fishing rods, a cooler, about observers looking into hatches at check points to see what’s up inside.
    Judges looking over the craft at the end to look for cracks, rod condition and so on.
    Looks to me it’s just a race.

    Have fun guys. George you are already a winner!

    It was nice of George to say that he did infact use the Mavericks hull as inspiration for his version of that hull. I can understand all what went on except the lowering of the vee pad forward. Other than making the hull dimensions there quite different it would be inlightening to understand the design idea behind it.
    I described in my blog way back in how I was asked to design a new skiff to compete with the new HPX. This design I did as I was leaving Hells Bay to go off sailing. It’s the Marquesa.
    It’s pretty fun to see the two versions, George’s and mine after looking at the HPX.

    Thanks guys for all the funny posts, you have made my week.
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    I think u mis spelled wiener!
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    You mean, ph lines like "800-GET LAID?" Neva done dem! :p
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    Who stole the rest or was there only 2 teams racing? Every time I do a charity event WE volunteer our time and services - we do not charge for them. If you paid someone with the rest of the entry fees then you have changed the demeanor to an advertisement.

    Aren't these sailboats? How about doing something that doesn't pollute the very water you are preaching about?

    I take bets that George is not in a boat nor will he be in the chase car.

    Chris is a designer not a builder, does not walk on water, is a big boy and can handle George.

    Three teams have already signed up for this year’s Challenge. Heath Daughtry Chase Daniel from Yellowfin Yachts in Sarasota will return to the Challenge this year in a 17-foot Yellowfin skiff. Todd Fuller and Chris Peterson from Hell’s Bay Boatworks in Titusville, Florida will also be on the water along with Tom Biller from the Sarasota-based Panga Marine.

    Wait a minute - Why is George's name not on here?

    Chris - has anyone from the Goujon clan participated in the Everglades Challenge since Meade's passing? I think you should carry on the legacy.
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    Just a heads up... That's an old write-up from 2016. Fuller doesn't work for HB anymore.
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    Another heads up: Chris is in fact both a builder and a designer.
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    @FlyCoast I work for Skiff Life and I can 100% tell you that you are 100% wrong with your bashing. Our team has worked very hard to grow our audience organically on ALL social media platforms. You can't fake reach with today's algorithms, and reaching people is what we do.

    In fact, Skiff Life's social interaction and reach exceeds brands twice it's size. HUK for example (see screenshot) dwarfs our brand with >185k followers and consistently produces less "likes" if that was even a valid way to measure (it's not) by today's standards. We do this daily and I can provide dozens of examples where our brand outperforms others not only in "LIKES" but INTERACTION. Likes are a poor way to measure success, it's the reach of customers sharing and commenting that really counts and there we also outperform others. We do this not only on FB & Insta but ALL the social media platforms...take a cruise by Twitter or Pinterest or Reddit and while it may not be your choice of platform, we are there generating interest about inshore fishing and skinny boats on a level that exceed brands 2 and 3 times our size.

    We've also just surpassed our 50th store carrying the Skiff Life brand so not only do we enjoy the benefit of the largest inshore fishing audience on Social Media, but we also have a retail presence that rivals much larger companies. You can't "fake" 50 stores ACTIVELY selling our merchandise.

    What brand have you grown from absolutely nothing but an old email list of a few hundred tide fishermen?

    Like us or not, we are the only brand actively developing content about skinny water fishing & promoting skiffs for builders @George Sawley and @Chris Morejohn among many others instead of just "pushing" merchandise on people or selling useless, crappy advertisements.

    Thankfully, despite your personal opinion and 100% incorrect assessment of our business, we are reaching more and more people everyday and will continue to do so as we have successfully for many, many years now.

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    I wish you weren't. Too many newbs on the water already...
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    Conclusion, If you like a Chittum buy one.
    If you like something else buy it instead.
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    What happened to chittum?They came in 3rd it looks like? Too light to handle the chop? or just got out experienced? Very pretty looking boats but I've wondered if weight may have a critical balance when it comes to a nice ride and hauling ass for a few days straight.
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    try some bluewater sailing and it will come to you
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