SOLD/EXPIRED Flats Life T-shirt boat/fishing fund.

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  1. logandorn96

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    Okay i think we can all agree boating and fishing does not come cheap! after selling my boat last Nov. in order to buy my first vehicle (jeep wrangler) Ive been missing being on the water every weekend.

    I had a summer job but with football and school starting I'm running low on money. I would like to buy a kayak and stock up on new fishing gear. So me and my Dad were driving one day and talking about fishing and saw one of the thousands on "salt life" stickers. My dad just joking around saying how about flats life. It kind of stuck with us and we Trademarked the name and copyrighted some designs and now have shirts for sale. I know its kind of Cliche and cheesy but with football i have no other way of making money.

    Short and long sleeve
    All Hanes heavy weight shirts
    Girls pink shirts
    Front single pocket

    Front design

    Back design

    all shirts $20 shipped

    S, M, L, XL, XXL
    Silk screened in my house

    email @
    Paypal accepted,
  2. logandorn96

    logandorn96 I Love!

    Buy one get one half off? ;)

  3. 'Nano-Skiff'

    'Nano-Skiff' It's not the size of the boat....

    What colors do you have for men? Or is it just the white?
  4. flying_rob

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    Any design without the State of Florida. I like to skiff design, but not living in Florida I would rather something different on the front.

    (Nothing against Florida, just not my home!)