Flamingo Tournament (FFT) July 16, 2011

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    If you have not already started prefishing, you may be too late. It is time to get it on in the Glades. We have some of the long time sponsors that have always been there supporting your event and then there are some new ones that would like to give back to you all. The sponsors have really stepped up and the list includes:

    Tradewinds Bar and Grill
    Biscayne Rod
    Don's Bait and Tackle
    Shallow Water Customs
    Continental Trailers
    D.O.A. Lures
    Fishing Islamorada Florida Charters
    Bomber Lures
    Breathe Like a Fish
    MDC Delivery

    All the details and links are at this site: http://forums.floridasportsman.com/showthread.php?335-FFT-X-July-16-Sign-Up



    In order to properly prepare and plan accordingly we will need to know your commitment to the event. Please note, if you do not show, this will cost from the other participants as everything is custom order for the event. This is one way we are able to keep this as affordable as we can.

    To ensure a shirt order we will need your order by the last day of June. In your reply we will need the usual information:

    Team Name
    Shirt sizes (Example: 1-XL, 2-M and so forth)
    Pro or Am Division

    We are finalizing the rules right now and will have the updated rules by the end of this week. There should be NO change to last year and this includes the minimum on the snook.

    This is your event and it will be what you all make it.

    For those that did not follow the postings, the FFT funding that was raised ($960) was used to print the public outreach handouts for the PTZ. The tournament was noted as providing funding at the bottom of the handout. . . good work gang.

    Let the games begin.
  2. paint it black

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    Count me in.
    For sure.
    Team "what the fcuk"

    I'm just waiting on my new FS account to be activated...... :mad:

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    When is the final deadline to let you know if we're in or not?
    I'll be coming from Orlando with the Johnsen in tow :cool:
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    6:00 pm Thursday 7/14 cause the capt's meeting starts at 7and we will be offline from then on. Or show up at Capt's meeting and sign in in person.