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Well it’s been about a month since I got the new skiff. And a very long time since I’ve posted a report on here.

Biscayne Bay:

The fishing in the bay has been good, the water temps are favorable for some good bonefishing. The calm mornings have been good for Permit floating up high and happy. Bonefish have been active through out the tides, again with the cooler temps the bonefish are happy.


The fishing in the Park is unreal, it’s great to see happy fish and clean pockets of water! Sight fishing the other day was unbelievable fished with a good buddy we honestly lost count of how many fish we caught,
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we pushed the new Chittum to the limits. Enough so that I got a call from a friend and he was shocked we were floating where he was in his flat bottom Harry Spear skiff.

Anyway here’s some pictures. I have dates available. Reach out to me if you want to get out.
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