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Fished Florida Bay yesterday, we almost launched into the buttonwood but we ended up out front thinking we'd check a couple of spots and re-launch if it got windy.

The morning was tough, I think for a couple of hours the only action was little jacks and ladyfish. Had a nice snook swipe at my lure but otherwise nothing. We initially ran east but then ran back towards flamingo to look for trips in the channels, saw one, undersized. We ran around checking spots half the morning but it wasn't till around 10:30am that we started producing.

We caught a around three dozen snook (14"-22") and a couple of rat reds, then my phone over heated and shut off just in time for me catch the biggest snook of the day at 27". We got a limit of snapper to justify it to the womenfolk and off we went. It was a damn fine day to be outside.
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