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Date: Sept 20th, 2008

Time 4 pm to 1 am

Location : Haulover Marina

Eligible fish

(2) Tarpon

(2) Snook

(2) Trout

Tournament Rules

1. You must fill out an entry form and PAY $50
We will also have a $50 Calcutta

2. Capt's Meeting is at 3:45 pm on Sept 20th at Haulover marina. This is to review rules and get special hand out items and release cards.

Fishing time:

Lines in 4:30 pm. / Tournament Ends 1am.

3. Boundaries; Gov. Cut to Port Everglades and the beach in between.

4.You MUST be back at the dock and in line to drop off your score cards by 1am. If you are late you are disqualified (no exceptions). Card drop off will be open at 12:30pm..

5. You have to catch your fish using fishing rods, hooks and line.

6.You can use dead bait, live bait or artificial baits.

7. You can have as many people on your boat as you wish.

8. You must follow all boating regulations and no wake laws.


10. Point system: eligible fish are to be measured, one inch equals one point. NO minimum. Max points on tarpon are 36 points.

Here is an example of how the point system works

Trout measures 19.5 you get 20 points

Trout measures 18.9 you get 19 points

Trout measures 17.2 you get 18 points

You round up as fisherman lie anyway!


Release of Liability: Participant hereby acknowledges the inherent risks of entering in a fishing tournament, including injury or death, and hereby releases All Fish North Bay officers, members, and all of their agents, assigns, employees and associated persons and entities from any and all liability arising from or in any way related to the undersigned participation in Fish North Bay 100% Release Tournament. Further, Participant acknowledges that the decision to travel to Haulover Marina , leave the dock on a boat is a decision that can only be made by each participant in this event. A decision by the organizers of the tournament to allow the tournament to take place does not in any way indicate or guarantee the safety of the conditions of the event or the safety of the area in which the event is held. Each Participant is responsible for his or her own safety and hereby waives any and all claims arising against any of the above individuals or entities in any manner.

Prize Structure
1st is 70% of the total of the entries
2nd is 20% of the total of the entries
3rd is 10% of the total of the entries

Calcutta, winner takes all.....

Answers to questions?

1. Why are there boundaries? It's a big ocean, just fish inside the bourndaries.

2. Why 36 inch max on tarpon? We need you to release the fish unharmed.

3. How does this work? Easy, we meet at Haulover at 3:45 on Saturday Sept 20th. You fill out a entry form and pay $50. You go fishing with a special object and digital camera. When you catch an eligible fish you measure it, photo it then release it. Make sure to right down the info on your score card. At 1 am we meet at Haulover to turn in score cards.

4. What do I win, 1st place gets 70% of the total tournament money. 2nd place gets 20% of the tournament money. 3rd place gets 10% of the tournament money.

5. What if there is a tie, The winner will be based on time at check in. So, if you check in at 12:05 with 100 points and someone else turns in his/her card at 12:30 with 100 points the person who checked in at 12:05 wins.

For more info please e-mail [email protected]