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Fishing Buddy

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This guy is my hero
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Wow!!!! A 8,335hp motor and a boat for only 2 grand, thats a deal, lol.
lmao, she scares me ;D way to smart for her own good.
LMAO!! She is funny!!! LOL!!!! [smiley=1-lmao.gif] [smiley=1-laugh.gif]

Either she does not know what she is selling for 2ks or she is trying to get even with her husband LOL!!!
I need to keep my girlfriend away from her! All I ever hear is: "Are you going fishing AGAIN?!" "You're always working on that stupid boat!" "What do you want to do tonight- oh wait let me guess... go out on the BOAT!"

I think I'm going to need a heavier anchor.
Fire the girlfriend and wax the boat. If your girlfriend/wife is not fishing/boat friendly--that is not acceptable. My circle of friends have girlfriends/wives that understand the boat/fishing is priority #1. Trust me there are many women out that that agree. They love boating/fishing too.
That is good stuff!

Hey Joe, know any young ladies around 25 in Tampa that see fishing as #1? [smiley=fun_84.gif]
Watch out they all say that ...Don't Believe 'Em ... Believe me You have the upper hand ...Don't Comprimise ...

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