Fishermen Survive Lightning Strike

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by iMacattack, Jun 30, 2009.

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    Look at the picture of the rod!
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  3. Brett

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    Shoulda been holding a 1 iron....

    would have saved him from the bolt...

    Lee Trevino said it  "Not even God can hit a 1 iron!"

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    back a few years ago at the first gheenoe rally, we were on teh st johns at the jolly gator. one of the guys who ha the first really nice center consoles (cory) was running just under the bridge when lightening struck the bridge. the strike of coarse follod the ground into teh water and through his motor to the steering wheel. needles to say it scared the living poop out of him, he promptly drove his boat way up theaech and ran like hell into the resturant.

    after realzing the grim danger narroly avoided, we laughed pretty hard.
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    I was wondering a while back and was going to post a question if anybody has heard of, or is afraid of lightning hitting their push poles. I read up a little bit before I posted and thought I read that fiberglass was an insulator against electricity.

    This brings new light to the question. [smiley=1-mmm.gif]
  7. Brett

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    Carbon conducts electricity...
    think about that when using your carbon fiber pushpole.

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    I've had mt pushpole crackle and buzz a few times... it sucks!