fished with most destructive person ever

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Capnredfish, May 21, 2014.

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    My 84 year old neighbor wanted me to go fishing with him on his boat. So I did. He had absolutely no idea on how shal -low his boat could not run,or how deep the water was. He plowed into areas and would get stuck and keep the gas on wondering why it would not move anymore. We spent more time getting out of a spot then fishing. Half his skeg is gone along with aluminum prop blades. Everytime we tried to get on plane he always buried the prop in the bottom. I kept politely telling him it is to shallow. Also threw his cracker wrappers in the water. Actually sad how oblivious he was. I also got to try the worst beer I have ever had. Keystone. I did see some other mud slingers too.

  2. Capnredfish

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    No that was not awesome.
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    Teach him brother!  Even an 84 year old can learn - I think.  I would have picked the cracker wrappers out of the water intentionally in front of him, mention that it takes sea grass forever to reestablish, hint that he was folding his prop (for Pete's sake don't mention he get a ss prop), etc.    :)

    Oh, and Keystone?  Damn, you been having a rough week - it can only get better.
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    Typical behavior of those who don't want beer drinking interrupted by fish catchin'. :'(
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    Well, if there's anything positive about this, it's that he's 84. How many more trips can he possibly have in him?
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    With all due respect to the "elderly" members, I personally would not feel comfortable letting an 80+ year old fella captain me around all day when I know Im also capable. Lesson learned but pretty funny story though..
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    I took my friends Dad out in his boat. He was in his mid 80s and clueless also. I did what I could to make it the best trip of his life in spite of my frustration. He spoke of it until he passed a few years later in 2001. My buddy is still thankful and gave me the old mans boat and all his gear. I hope there is someone to get me out if I make it that long :) It may have been his last trip :cool:
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    You are a sick SICK man!
    Me too...cause I thought the same thing!
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    Hahhaha!!! Good ol'  Keystone I'm very familiar with that brew. I was born and raised in the Keystone state (Pennsylvania) where it's brewed. The first beer I ever got drunk on growing up ;D man was that stuff nasty, glad I discovered yeuingling lager and hard ciders
  11. 'Nano-Skiff'

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    Age will do it to you.