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Fish ID: Permit or Pompano?

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Fish ID Please:

I say permit, of course ;)


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I knew it wasn’t a palometa bc it was missing the stripes and the phins were much shorter
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Looks like a baby Permit, according to this article:

"The body of a juvenile permit is deeper than that of a pompano of similar length; also, the anal fin of the juvenile permit is orange."
Also, looks like the dorsal and anal fins are pretty well in line with each other, as well as a little longer than you'd expect on a pompano.

Congrats on your permit :D

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The thing that threw me off a bit was in the one pic it only has a single nostril where permit have 2 nostrils (nares).

However, if you look closely you can start to see the separation within that nostril it seems it just hasn't fully developed and split. I went and found a picture of the smallest one I've ever caught and on that one the nares had just *barely* separated. It must have been just a few weeks older than this one.

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