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    Ok... New guy to the microskiff world. I'm working on my Gheenoe NMZ and want to increase the performance. I've got a 4 stroke Yamaha 8 on it.

    My questions are this.

    What props are available and from who on an 8? I've been looking and beyond the yamaha white ones I've not found anything.

    NExt- Would you put a jack plate first or trim tabs? I'm looking at Tom's micro adjustable or his turnbuckle ones. BUt this is going to be a one step at a time thing for me due to budget right now. So which one do you guys think increases the performance the most? I know they're different but which one first???

    I appreciate the advice!!!!!
  2. Brett

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    1) Cut the amount of gear carried to lessen weight and draft.
    2) Balance the load, including where you operate the outboard from.
    A bow heavy or stern heavy boat is not as fast, or safe, as a hull that is properly balanced.
    Tiller extension makes a real difference in performance.

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    tiller extension first.
    jackplate second.
    trimtabs 3rd