First Pics with new toy

Discussion in 'Photo Hut' started by pitpok, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. pitpok

    pitpok Well-Known Member

    I got a Nikon D3000 for christmas.  I have done lots of research on how to use a DSLR.  Thanks to Skinny_Water for tips...much needed!
    I have not even really taken the camera out yet. Just messing around the house first.
    Thanks enjoy and critize...I can take it.

    PS...It was shot in Manual mode...more difficult but more rewarding when it is not blurry...haha
  2. skinny_water

    skinny_water Well-Known Member

    Looks good. My only suggestion is to open a account here, They will allow you to host your images for free so we can all view them without clicking a link. Also they need to be resized to 650 on the long edge.

  3. skinny_water

    skinny_water Well-Known Member

    On the first picture slow your shutter speed down a tad more to bring out the color in the eyes. Great color on both!
  4. snooknreds2

    snooknreds2 Well-Known Member

    This pic is like your reel pic. The problem is that the dogs eye cast a shadow on on itself. A slower shutter speed would let more light penetrate into the eye, not really but in a way true, but there is no need for such a high aperture because the counter in the back ground needs not to be clear. So drop the aperture, which will make the over all exposure brighter and the dogs eyes stand out more. But then you will need to either lower the ISO, Ideally so it is as little grainy as possible, or actually make a faster shutter speed so it is not washed out. I think that makes sense, try it again (I assume it is in your house) and let us know how it works.