First Pics in a LONG Time

Discussion in 'Photo Hut' started by paint it black, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. paint it black

    paint it black Paddling away...

    decided to break the ol' D3000 for a couple pics yesterday.
    I've been way too busy with work to do anything lately, so I haven't even gotten a chance to take pics.


    New fly rod. Haven't even got a chance to try it out.
  2. snooknreds2

    snooknreds2 Well-Known Member

    Erick those look really good. I like the lines in the first pic leading straight to the bird, really draws your eye in and defines the focus of the picture!

    Did you get my PM?

  3. Gramps

    Gramps Living & Dying in 3/4 Time

    Good looking pictures Eric! Seems like you'll have too many toys soon ,so I'll take the camera and put it to use ;D

    Btw, TFO TiCr?
  4. paint it black

    paint it black Paddling away...


    The fly rod is a lefty kreh professional series.
    It was $180+ with tax.
    I broke a buddies fly rod and when we went so I can buy him a new one they didn't carry the model anymore.
    He liked my fly rod and I had just got it a week before so I let him have that one and bought the TFO for myself.

    I just bought a new spin rod too.
    Abu Garcia, looks odd but it caught my attention.
    Slap my Stradic on there and try it out.
    Who knows. lol
  5. DuckNut

    DuckNut Brandon, FL

    That first pic gave me nightmares...I had a group of parrots build a nest behind a transformer right outside of my bedroom window when I was in Chicago.

    Noisy ba$tard$.......

    Oh, and take a pic of Eric's trailer when he drops his boat on it.