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    I am interested in beginning the process of training and getting the necessary credentials to be considered, and ultimately hired as a firefighter.

    I live in South Florida, and have been told different processes from different people in regards to where to begin and what truly needs to be done.

    One of my good buddies is planning on enrolling at AMA Miami in spring for EMT, and I may do the same.

    Can anyone breakdown in fairly straightforward terms the process to become qualified (and ultimately employeed) by a fire department?

    I understand that driving to West Palm, etc. is within the realm of possibility by the way..

    THANK YOU! :)
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    The process- in order to be a career firefighter in the state of Florida you must be at minimum an EMT with Fire standards completion. I teach EMT/Paramedic at a local college and I am a Lieutenant for a local Fire Dept.

    My advice to you is to seek out a Fire academy in your area and go talk to them. Some are college credit and others are only vo-tech. They each have different completion criteria and cost.

    Remember you will never get rich doing this job. If your doing it for the money, find something else. It is a government job, so all your rich friends will hate you, because their tAx money pays your meager salary. Commissioners hate you because you have to always ask them for a raise (you won't get one, it's been 6 years since my last raise). Divorce rate is 4X the normal average, and it's usually your fault, even though you will say she's a crazy biot(h. No one but another fire fighter will truely understand what you do! (They all think we just sit around and eat and watch football). You will be required to complete hundreds of hours of additional training each year ( a lot on your own time and some on your own dime).

    I've been dispatched to almost every kind of alarm you can think of, plane crashes, deadly traffic accidents, dead babies floating in pools, murders, drug overdoses, fuel spills, natural gas leaks. All people want to know is "Why does the fire engine go with the ambulance", and "Why are the firemen always at the grocery store"? They have no idea what you see on a daily basis. And in return something tragic will happen every 20 years or so and remind people how valuable we are. I've never had anyone complain about the fire engine showing up with the ambulance, when their child was dying and we saved the child's life. The extra hands are always welcome when it's your emergency!!! Soap box done!!

    The cost of EMT school where I live is around 3-4k, it's college credit so it's more expensive, fire school is 4k. You will need an Emergency Vehicle Operations certificate 300 bucks and 2 days. You will need to complete a CAndidates Physical Ability Test (CPAT - google it), 200 bucks and 3 days, also need a national fire team ethics test certificate. 200 bucks and 2 days. Then you can begin searching for a job. A local FD just hired 12 new probationary fire fighters, they had 2300 applicants, they narrowed it down to 200 after a written test. It's extremely competitive when the economy is down people search for stability. As the economy turns around it should be slightly less competitive, the private sector will be making good money, this is good for you because when the private sector is not making money they have lots of time to worry about you spending gas money to go to the store. When they are making money they don't mind as much. If you have any specific questions, I'll do my best to answer them (haha more directly than this I promise).

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    As a field tech for a large Natural Gas company, I must give tons of credit to the local FD's and anyone who wishes to be part of this service. We typically work together in a lot of different situations and it's always a good experience..
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    TailN is correct in everything he said. Ive been a fireman for 7 years in central Florida. On the job, you'll see some great things, and some not so great things. People call you when they need you for ANYTHING. And I do mean anything. You will see people at their best and worse. For me, I couldn't imagine doing anything different. Its the best job in the world. I go to work every 3rd day and its never "going to work". I go hang with the guys.

    I would add a few things, however. I would really, really suggest you seek out ride-a-long programs with your local departments. I would try to ride at several different departments and several different stations. Lastly, I would ride in a variety of socio-economic areas. I currently work in the ghetto and love every minute of it. For some, its a bit much. Trust me, you'll be amazed at how people live. On both ends of the spectrum.

    Some departments in S.FLA. have their own academies. In general, you start with EMT and move to Fire School. Most departments require Paramedic these days, so Id plan on that as well.

    Good luck!! If you have any questions, please PM.
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    Just retired on Dec. 5th with 30 years [smiley=chicken.gif] . It is a great job only bad thing is the politics. You might want to consider getting your Paramedic certification. I worked for Orange County and they have a hard time getting enough Paramedics.