F'ing thieves

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by aaronshore, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. aaronshore

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    This afternoon I went to get in my truck to go to the store. I went to push play on my IPOD and noticed it was gone. STOLEN. Then I freaked out and looked in my glove box for my gun. GONE. STOLEN. I hate a thief. Reported it to the cops. Unfortunately cant file insurance cause I have a $500 deductable. Its going to take me forever to replace those two items. Luckily they didnt steal anything else that was in my truck like a bag with my Renzetti vise and a ton of tying materials.
  2. fishgitr

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    I hate hearing that kind of stuff. I hope they catch those little $h@@$.

  3. aaronshore

    aaronshore Well-Known Member

    The cops took a few prints but they're prob. gonna be mine.

    If anyone sees a .40 cal Taurus Mellinium pt 140 with a black slide and dark tan grip for sale let me know.
  4. cal1320

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    That sucks.  :mad:
    I'm a little bit of a gun nut. If I see anything on the boards I'll pass it on. Most likley the bastards don't know a thing about guns except how to hold them sideways''ganster style''. I hope the LEOs can find it for you.
    Post a pic of the gun if you have one.
  5. noeettica

    noeettica Well-Known Member

    I always have a "bomb" load in the magizine of all my guns That will teach the A$$h&les NO Hand !!!


    PM me I will tell you how ...
  6. Un-shore

    Un-shore Well-Known Member

    maybe they will end up shooting each other for the Ipod.
  7. Kemo

    Kemo The world is flat....and shallow.

    Sorry to hear about you getting "hit", Aaron. Our house got burgled a few years ago. They got about $7,000 worth of our stuff. They didn't expect me to be able to step up with photos, lists and serial numbers of almost everything. My diligence helped the boys in blue track the stolen goods and the bastards were caught. The had hit 22 homes within 4 miles of my house and the PD wanted them bad. I got back almost $6,000 worth of our stuff, including some family heirloom jewelry that could never have been replaced. The worst part was, they let our dogs out. It took us 3 days to find them and we shed many tears during the entire ordeal. You just feel violated. My heart feels your loss, my friend.

    Kemo :'(

    PS - I now also keep copies of those photos, lists and serial numbers at my brother's house, just in case.