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The position is responsible for managing a series of equity and option trading advisory services. The product manager will be responsible for managing the execution and implementation of the services, as well as monitoring performance, ensuring all marketing materials are delivered in a timely manner, and coordinating with customer service to address on-going customer complaints. The position will not be responsible for originating any investment ideas, but instead will be responsible for the operational performance of the products, once launched. Additionally, the product manger will coordinate between the research, marketing and production departments to assist in product creation.


1. Responsible for monitoring and managing the operational performance of multiple trading advisory services.

2. Interacts with research department to ensure accuracy with regards to trade recommendations issued by the editor.

3. Interacts with marketing department to ensure all marketing materials relevant to the services are current and produced on time.

4. Interacts with production department to ensure proper and accurate delivery of trade recommendations and additional correspondence.

5. Coordinates closely with executive staff in marketing, sales and operations to streamline processes with new product development and launch.

1. BA/BS required.

2. Experience with and knowledge of financial markets required.

3. Equity and Option Trading experience a plus.

4. Financial marketing experience preferred.

5. Strong writing skills a plus.

6. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

7. Excellent communication, presentation and multitasking skills.

8. Ability to manage complex projects with multiple facets

E-mail [email protected], make sure you let me know
you're applying so I can tell HR your name.
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