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Fin and Feather water intrusion

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Hey guys, anyone have a 1997 Fin and Feather that was made in Bartow Florida that keeps getting water in the Bilge. I got the boat used and was installing a float switch and when I drilled a hole to mount the switch in the floor of the boat about 2 inch. forward of the transom, water came out. I ended up drilling a larger hole in the center of the boat at the same location and sucked all the water out. The first time I got about 2 1/2 gal of water. I installed PVC with a cap so I could access the bilge and drain the water. I keep the front of the boat jacked up high so it will drain to the rear. After a fishing trip I always wash the boat. When I check the hole I will have a little water. I check it for the next few days and I will have a little water in the bilge every time. I think it may be coming from the wash down but not sure. I have looked at the hull and it looks o.k. I have patched any opening from the inside that I think will leak. Can water stay in the flotation for a long time and keep seeping out. Thanks for any help.
Dick in Jacksonville, Fl.
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Brandon, FL
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The foam will continue to seep until there is no more water.

Turn the boat upside down and luft the bow and leave it for a few weeks to dry it out. You will never get all of the water out but that is a different issue.

While it is upside down spend time inspecting the hull for any cracks as you say you have inspected the inside but not any words on the hull itself. A crack in the hull let water into the cavity.
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