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  1. Kemo

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    I've seen several posts about fuel filters, water sepaators, and additives to deal with the abominal E-10.  What are your recommendations for a fuel filter/water separator, and what additive(s) do you prefer?  For outboards 25 HP and under.  Thanks.

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  2. Gator_Bob

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    I always use a fuel stablizer. Plus I aways fill up with fresh gas each trip ( I have been using the new Shell gas with the nitgeon additive)

  3. paint it black

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    I have used the StarTron additive, but honestly, it didn't do any difference the couple of times I used it, I had problems with the gas.
  4. Brett

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    From beginning to end, a quality fuel system pays for itself.
    Yes, it's a bit more expensive at first,
    but in the long run it saves you money and aggravation.

    OEM hoses and tanks are a best bet,
    and any name brand canister filter/separator will do the job.
    Follow the manufacturers instuctions for installation and maintenance.
    Use the boat. An unused engine gums up faster than a often used engine.
  5. Bob

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    Sentry Gasoline Plus for me. Saw a test on how it keeps huge amounts of water in solution and still burns... well just like gasoline. Ron at the SKiff Shop has Sentry and can show you the water test for those skeptics.

    Heard anecdotal stories that it will help clean carb jets as well. Hondass have a reputation for carb jet issues, so I also use Sentry to help keep things from gumming up.

    But the best advice so far has been to run your boat regularly - once a week or more. That's my goal.
  6. Un-shore

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    I've read a lot of good things about chevrons techron from techs on outboard repair sites and that is what I use anyway because a chevron is just around the corner.

    I use sta-bil stabilizer but no seperator. If I get worried about the gas I use it in my lawn equipment.

    I've never had a fuel problem but adding a filter/seperator could only help.