Fighting galvanic corrosion on alum trailer

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  1. Had a bunk bracket that let go at the ramp the other day so ended up pulling the front bunks and in the process of redoing them. Will I end up getting the same pitting and white powder from stainless as with galvanized due to dissimilar metals?
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    yes and no! stainless is better but is it worth it?

    Stainless is harder than galvanized so it will cause less corrosion and be less corroded.

    Salt is the culprit with electricity making it worse.

    If u think u have to much corrosion check to see if elec. current is going into the trailer.

    The only cure is to place an insulator between  the 2 metal involved.

    Personally,, get stainless bolts/nuts and hose it down well then shoot some wd40 on the bolts periodically ....nothin' lasts forever

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    Depends on the alloys involved.
    Check the galvanic corrosion charts for reactivity levels.

    Fastenal has a decent explanation and reference table
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    I never thought about putting an anode on my trailer. Wonder if it would help.
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    Doubt it. Unless you leave your trailer in the water for extended periods of time.