Fiberglass Spider Crack ?

Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by restlesswoodie, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. restlesswoodie

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    I have a 99 Pathfinder 17t and am noticing some spidercracks running from the front of the boat to the back on the sides. They don't seem to be severe but they are noticeable, any recommendations for this or is this not a concern? the boat has been painted black on the sides so it may just be that coat cracking.
  2. firecat1981

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    Post a pic of the area, spider cracks are common on glass skiffs but they can show an underlining problem. Usually though they are just eyesores, but given enough time they will lead to intrusion and degrading of the glass and cores.

  3. Sheremeta

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    Unless the panel underneath has cracked you will be ok. Gelcoat is just a coating. If only cosmetic, repairs are not worth it because the crack can return and a repair can look worse than how it looks now. If the underlying panel is cracked then you have a concern. Cracks can be from areas where gel was applied too thick in the mold and the panel underneath flexed, impact such as at the dock or improperly trailering. It can also be from stringer separation. Lite skiffs tend to bounce around on bunks if not strapped down.
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    When an older boat that was originally white or any light color, is painted black, it's not unusual for cracks to develop in the gelcoat or glass.

    Black holds lots of heat and the increased heat on the glass skin can do some weird things.  You might be seeing the results of the old glass heating up due to the new black color?