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    Ok so I went fishing today and while fighting a snook I put my foot through the front seat of my 1980 gheenoe HS. Needless to say I was quiet pissed but I have been toying with the idea of making a front casting deck. So after a few bourse of reading and debating I pulled the trigger and ordered some divinycell, fiberglass and resin from fiberglast. I am planning on using what's left of the seat as a bulk head. But here is my question will I need to add some sort of support towards the front. I am gonna glass the divinycell on both sides the. Glass it in. Just worried about the front end taking to much weight and breaking the fiberglass. Was thinking about glassing in some divinycell on the sides for support.
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    Show some pics and describe your plan...then you will get helpful answers.

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    I've seen it done both ways. I was able to get to the underside of my decks and glass both sides to I did not build supports. If you can't get to the bottom side I would recommend it. One thing to note is to make sure anything you plan to glass to the inside is already hanging from and glassed into your deck when you bond it down. Glassing upside down on your back inside a compartment is Hell! Plan it so all the glass work is done in there is with the roller down. 1g position if your familiar with welding. Glossing in the 6g is miserable in a deck.
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    I envy those that do glass work !

    I drilled a hole in a fiberglass sink and was reminded why Sammy and crew did my work
    at ;-)