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Felt pad crab

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Split the pad into 2 thin halves, legs/pincers/eyes
and fuzzed it up


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I've tried them about 22yrs ago. They were called "Velcro crabs and also Felt crabs" back in the day. It's nothing new. The velcro crab didn't require much glue to keep the material together and the claws and legs sandwiched in-between them. Of cource, the felt only required more glue. They tend to sound and feel like helicopters are they wiz by your ears while you are false casting them. Not the easiest thing to cast. I gave up on them, giving it the ole college try for some time, and re-purposed the felt pad material and velcro. ;)

I'm assuming you are going to try it for reds? The felt pad absorbs water and will sink. So you need to rotate your hook pointing up so they don't snag grass on the bottom.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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