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Favorite Tackle/Boat Bag?

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Looking to buy a quality bag for the boat. I'm tired of buying $40-$60 bags that fall to shit after a year or two - frozen zippers, corrosion etc.

Anybody have any luck with a bag that holds up to skiff life? Hoping to find a medium size bag that holds a couple plano boxes, pliers, leader spools, fly box, file etc. Looked at Abel, FishPond, Simms and others.

Any recommendations?
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These look pretty solid for my application. Debating on ordering one
They do look nice. I just wonder about their durability. I bought one of AFTCO boat bags a while back, which is made out of the same 600d material, to hold me over while I figured out a long-term solution. The bag is nice, but doesn't scream durability. It's more of an overnight bag, and some of the inside liner materials are pretty thin. I'm sure it would last a while, but I switched over to the yeti gobox before I ever had the change to use the AFTCO bag. I'll probly use it to store blue water tackle since I don't use it as much.

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